Dr Zane Gort

A evil and shattered man set to dominate the world by removing peoples "curse of flesh".


Before the apocalypse Dr. Gort was a revered inventor, in fact, most robot work is due in some way or another to him. He now is only a shadow of his former self, and with a broken mind, and a body of steel, is hell-bent on removing the human from humanity so that the end of the world would never happen again.

Dr Zane Gort is completely machine with only his brain remaining. His head is a separate unit to his body allowing him to take on a spider form when needed. he can also use this to plug into almost any other machine, such as huge war mech’s he’s created.

Dr Gort lives isolated from the world, but will send out squads of robots to capture people for his “experiments”.

he also has a small robot army that hes made, many of the robots were once people.


Dr Zane Gort

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